360 Transitional Solutions

360 Transitional Solutions offers a variety of strength-based support services to youth in the community to address daily living skills, social-emotional and communication needs. Services are provided to children and youth, ages 5-21, in an individual and/or group setting.



  • Financial Management

  • Independent Living Skills

  • Positive Social Activities

  • Effective Communication

  • Healthcare Education

  • Nutrition and Self Care

  • Socialization and Healthy Relationships

  • Linkage to Community Resources

  • Pre-Employment/ Employment Skills

  • Family/Peer Relationships

  • Healthy Attitudes

therapeutic mentoring


Transitional Specialists provide the necessary skills to assist youth with re-entry into the community, addressing identified criminogenic needs which include activities to prepare youth for self-sufficiency. Specialist work with youth on specific goals to improve behaviors and improve skills.

360 Transitional Specialist address the following:


to make a referral




Transitional Solutions works with local agencies to provide needed transportation services. These services are tailored to meet the needs of clients and families.

life skills coaching/casey life



Youth receive individualized services focused on improving social, emotional and daily living skills. Individualized Action Plans are written utilizing strength-based interventions to address areas of concern.

Surveillance & GPS Monitoring

360 Transitional Solutions provides surveillance services and GPS Monitoring in collaboration with local Court Service Units, focused on protecting the community while assisting individuals to avoid recidivism.


Services provide a short term alternative that allows an individual to transition or remain in the community under close supervision and restricted movements.  GPS is available 24 hour a day, 365 days a year to monitor the youth’s movement to ensure safety in the community and manage behaviors. Outreach services ensure safety through face to face monitoring/visits.

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