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BabySteps is a unique community home offering a supportive therapeutic home environment for pregnant teens and young mothers.

BabySteps combines mental health treatment, parenting skills and community connections to develop a healthy family.

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Evidence Based Treatment Programs:

Trauma Informed Treatment

Clinicians work with teens on identifying strategies to eliminate stress, anxiety, depression and methods to manage emotions in a healthier manner.


Therapeutic Group Sessions 

Trained staff educate on topics like self-esteem building, career planning, child development, substance abuse prevention/relapse and nutrition.


Protective Factors

Young mothers learn the tools necessary to reduce potential for high-risk behaviors.


Parenting Skills

Training and Practice:


Nurturing Parenting Programs

This evidence based program works to build and develop nurturing bonding and attachment between mother and child.


Parenting 101 

Staff work closely with the mother to teach self-care and practice basic child care skills such as bathing, feeding, diaper changing and age appropriate milestones.

Community Connections:

Mothers are educated and connected to natural supports available in the community to ensure continued success after discharge. 


Added Benefits of BabySteps

“Labor Watch”  - As the time draws near, our staff provide the expectant mothers with 1:1 support and assist with alleviating any worries or fears surrounding the delivery of her child.

“Mom’s Night Out” – Monthly activities are offered for young mothers to enjoy age appropriate activities with her friends.

“Dad and Me” –  Our program offers special time for fathers to bond with their child.

“Operation Mommy” –  To ease nervous jitters in the first days home with her child, staff work hand in hand with the young mothers to learn the “little things” like properly bathing, feeding and holding her newborn.

Virginia Medicaid Enrolled Provider

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