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Freshstart FAQs

What ages does FreshSTART serve?

We can accept youth between the ages of 5-17.

Will my youth have a roommate?

Adolescent Males and Females have private bedrooms.
FreshSTART for Children has one double occupancy room, with all others being private bedrooms.


How long will my youth be at FreshSTART?

Average length of stay is around 90 days, for the Assessment and Diagnostic Track.

Average length of stay is around 30 days for the Stabilization Track.

Where is FreshSTART located?

We have locations in the greater Chesterfield County


Are there recreational activities at FreshSTART?

Yes, there are many scheduled recreational activities that the youth participate in. Also, the youth can engage in community activities with direct staff supervision.


When and how do I make a referral?

Referrals are accepted 24 hours a day seven days a week; just give us a call at 804-612-3307 



Why should I send my youth to FreshSTART?

FreshSTART is a safe, stable, and structured program, providing 24 hour supervision in all homes. Our Team strives to create a homelike environment that encourages productivity throughout the treatment process by creating a safe space to assess youth and family needs, enhance relationships within the family unit, whenever possible, increase self-esteem, and address educational needs. The assessment from FreshSTART is comprehensive, functional, and goal directed in order to help establish the roots to permanency.

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