therapeutic day treatment

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Therapeutic Day Treatment (TDT) is a school based service for students who exhibit emotional, mental and behavioral difficulties that impede their ability to function appropriately in school.



  • Build daily living skills 

  • Enhance social skills

  • Improvement on measurable goals documented in the ISP



  • Cognitive Behavioral Approach

  • Daily Behavioral Modification in the Classroom

  • Care Coordination

  • Individual, Group and Family Counseling

  • Crisis Support

  • Collaboration with School Personnel

  • Medication Management

  • Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS)


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Focus Areas:


Building Resiliency: Skills to help the student adapt well in the face of adversity.

Frequent Communication: With teachers, guidance counselors, school social workers, principals, parents, multi-disciplinary teams and school administration to promote the success of each student.

Social Skills Groups: Focusing on the individual needs of the school and students to increase pro-social behaviors and positive youth development.Group topics include, anger management, effective communications, healthy relationships, anti-bullying and self esteem.