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Community Homes and FreshSTART adopt Restraint-Free Model

Intercept Health is proud to announce the Community Homes and FreshSTART Assessment and Diagnostic programs are now Virginia’s first group home level of care provider to offer a restraint-free behavior management model! Over the last nine months, Intercept fully redesigned our residential services. A key and final component of the redesign was the full implementation of Ukeru Systems. Developed by Grafton Integrated Network, Ukeru offers a behavioral management program focused on providing safe, comforting and restraint-free crisis management techniques. Named for the Japanese word for “receive,” this program helps people engage, sense, and feel, and then respond to what someone is trying to communicate through their actions. The focus is to eliminate the use of restraints. Our focus is to eliminate the use of restraints as an accepted behavioral management tool as we believe that physical holds can lead to additional trauma.

To meet DBHDS Licensing requirements, Intercept Community Homes and FreshSTART programs will use Ukeru as the primary behavioral management model with the Crisis Wave Behavioral Management System as the secondary, back-up model. Our primary goal is to offer a restraint-free environment, understanding there may be instances that warrant the use of physical holds to ensure the safety of the client, other clients in the milieu and staff.

For almost 25 years, Intercept has served as the best choice for community-based group care in Virginia. We know the successful outcomes achieved by our children and their families cannot be attributed to one single intervention or individual; but instead, to a collaborative process that promotes active involvement by Intercept staff, guardians, family members, human service professionals, guardian ad litems, and natural supports. Without these valued members, success is hard found. We promise to continue to grow, adapt and change to meet the needs of our most vulnerable. Know that, as we look towards the future, Intercept remains steadfast in our commitment to making a lasting, positive impact on those we serve.

If you want more than the usual group home experience, contact us today to learn how our program may be the right best fit for your child and their family.

Call: 833-TO-REFER to get started!

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