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Our Therapeutic Aide (TA) service offers a comprehensive, one-to-one therapeutic service designed to address the unique needs of each individual. By collaborating closely with educators, our team identifies behaviors that most significantly impact academic performance and targets skills areas requiring attention. This personalized approach allows for a more focused and effective intervention.

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Expertly Trained Staff

Our TAs are equipped with advanced training as Registered Behavior Technicians, complemented by Ukeru Systems training, a national crisis intervention program that reduces the need for restraint and seclusion, and is trauma informed. This combination ensures our staff are prepared to handle various situations sensitively and effectively.

Innovative Data Collection and Reporting

Utilizing technology and cutting-edge applications, our TAs gather real-time behavioral data and task completion information directly from their smartphones or tablets. This innovative approach facilitates the collection of precise data, enabling us to track baseline behaviors and monitor progress accurately. We prioritize transparent communication, providing weekly, monthly, and quarterly reports that inform our students, families and team of any advancements and areas for improvement.

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Team Meeting

Ongoing Collaboration and Support

Understanding the importance of partnership in educational success, we propose regular monthly meetings with teachers and school staff to review student progress, strategize collaboratively, and address any immediate concerns. Additionally, our team actively participates in IEP Meetings, Team Meetings, and other relevant discussions, ensuring a cohesive approach to each student's educational plan.

Proven Success Across School Districts

Our service model has been successfully implemented in various school districts, including Richmond City, Salem City, Henrico, and Colonial Beach, demonstrating our ability to adapt and effectively meet the needs of diverse educational environments.

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Efficient Referral and Intake Process

Upon receiving a referral, we guarantee a prompt response within 48 hours, if not sooner. Our intake process, including assessments, can be conducted virtually to accommodate parent and guardians' schedules, ensuring a swift and seamless start to services.

At Intercept Health, we are dedicated to creating supportive, inclusive educational environments where students can thrive academically and socially. Our comprehensive approach and commitment to collaboration position us as a partner of choice for schools seeking to enhance their behavioral, social & emotional, and educational offerings and student outcomes. Thank you for the potential opportunity to serve your teachers and students.


Intercept Health collaborates with local agencies to offer transportation services tailored to the requirements of clients and their families.

To Make a referral

or call 833-867-3337
for more information

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