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Therapeutic Aide Service
provides an array of strength-based support services for youth within the community, focusing on daily living skills, social-emotional development, and communication needs. These services are available to children and youth, aged 5-21, both in individual and group settings.

Therapeutic Aide


Therapeutic Aide offers one-on-one emotional, social, and academic support within daycare, school, or other therapeutic environments. They promote positive behavior by employing Positive Behavioral Intervention and Supports (PBIS) practices, a proven evidence-based approach implemented school-wide.

  • Individualized behavioral intervention

  • Consistent positive reinforcement

  • Age-appropriate skill development support

  • Trauma-informed interventions

  • Minimizes placement disruptions

  • Mitigates bullying

  • Prevents more severe behavior issues

  • Cultivates safe learning and teaching environments

Student in the classroom


Intercept Health collaborates with local agencies to offer transportation services tailored to the requirements of clients and their families.

To Make a referral

or call 833-867-3337
for more information

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