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ABA is a highly customized, research-backed approach that recognizes each child's uniqueness. It tailors treatment to the individual and their family, focusing on jointly defined goals. By closely analyzing the link between a child's behaviors and their environment, ABA aims to enhance their quality of life, promoting positive changes in behavior and communication.

A Foundation
Positive Reinforcement
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We acknowledge our natural tendency to seek rewarding behaviors, which forms the core of ABA therapy. Working in tandem with a child's BCBA therapist, we identify specific behavior objectives. When a child achieves these desired behaviors, we provide personally meaningful rewards (with your input).

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Exploring the Triggers

We delve into 'antecedents' – the events preceding target behaviors. Antecedents may take various forms, such as requests, emotions, objects, lighting, or crowded spaces. ABA therapy involves a detailed analysis of these antecedents to identify alternative triggers that can influence your child's responses and promote different 'behaviors'.

Catalysts for Positive Change

We all respond to outcomes, and ABA uses this principle to encourage positive behavior changes. In ABA therapy, 'consequences' can range from withholding rewards to ignoring inappropriate behavior to praising progress and improvement. By carefully managing, we guide your child towards making constructive choices for their benefit.

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Unlock Your Child's Full Potential with ABA

At Intercept Health's ABA Centers, we believe in ABA's potential to unlock your child's abilities and create a brighter future. Our dedicated team customizes treatment to meet your child's needs, fostering their growth in all aspects of life. Join us on this transformative journey, celebrating milestones and nurturing your child's progress. Contact us today for an ABA adventure with a lasting impact on your child's life.

If your child is struggling in a mainstream day care or virtual learning environment, please consider reaching out to Intercept Health to see if it’s a good fit for you and your family.

How ABA therapy can help you prepare for the daycare setting:

ABA therapy can be used to help teach skills that your little one may need to thrive in a group care setting. All clients received individualized service plans to meet and address your child’s specific needs. We teach listening skills, following directions, and then work to generalize these skills across multiple adults.

Does your child need some support with completing daily living skills?

Here are just a few daily living skills that can be addressed through ABA services: toilet training, handwashing, dressing themselves, using utensils, washing hands, and even tolerating wearing a mask.  

Does your child struggle with keeping their hands to themselves? 

Our clinical treatment teams will work to develop individualized coping skills and replacement behaviors. Our staff is trained in Ukeru behavior management and trauma-informed care to step in to support your child through problem behaviors and maintain safety.

Can your child tell a teacher what they need in a clear way? 

Can your child ask for a turn and wait for their turn? These are skills that can be addressed through ABA therapy. Receiving services in the clinic setting allows us to contrive opportunities and help teach social skills with peers in a safe, controlled environment.

Does your child struggle with playing and socializing with their peers?

When you receive services in the Intercept center setting, ABA staff can support your child through a variety of social situations like eating in a group setting, functional communication with peers, sharing, and taking turns with toys. Each child has a 1:1 behavior technician to help teach these skills and maintain your child’s safety, and the opportunity to learn skills in a 1:3 small group setting.

Intercept's Applied Behavior Analysis Centers may be a solution if your child has been asked to leave daycare settings, or if they are just not thriving in that setting.

Our Program (Assessments)

Intercept's ABA Centers complete an individualized assessment on your child to identify what areas of need are most important.

We look at unsafe behaviors (such as climbing on furniture, self-injury, tantrum behavior, physical aggression, and eloping from the area), communication skills, social skills, and independence with activities of daily living.


From there, we create a treatment plan with input and approval from parents and begin ABA therapy.

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