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offers services for young adults aged 17-21, providing them with a less restrictive living arrangement while continuing to receive case management and support aimed at promoting independence and self-sufficiency.

Many of the youth who require Independent Living programs face challenges in developing essential life skills due to limited experience. Striking the right balance between freedom and responsibility is crucial for their growth. At YouthQuest, our program focuses on fostering independence while providing guidance and skill development.

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youthquest apartment living

Young adults receive personalized 1:1 case management, on-site supervision, training, and support. Our sites are strategically located near community colleges, public transportation hubs, and entry-level employment opportunities.


Work and Study Life

Daily Living


Career and Educational Planning


Money Management

Relationships and Communication

youthquest programs

For Moms and Dads

Young parents receive parenting skills training through the Nurturing Parenting Program, along with individualized 1:1 case management, on-site supervision, training, support, and access to community resources.

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YouthQuest Anywhere

We offer community-based 1:1 case management services, training, and support, allowing youth to develop independent living skills in various settings, including their biological homes, on their own, with family, in foster homes, with roommates, or in dormitories.

Learning & Application

Our hands-on training and weekly life skills academy offer opportunities for pro-social interaction and skill practice. We utilize Casey Life Skills Assessments to identify each young adult's strengths and needs, driving customized service planning.

positive youth development

With guidance and support from our dedicated staff and community partners, young adults cultivate a sense of belonging, master essential skills, gain independence, and develop a spirit of generosity toward their community.

permanent connections

Our program fosters lasting connections between young adults and positive, caring adults or families, significantly enhancing their chances of achieving stability and a successful transition into adulthood.

advantages for young adults

  • Improved Casey Life Skills Assessment Scores

  • Opportunities to continue their education

  • Gainful employment prospects

  • Establishment of permanent connections

YouthQuest's service plans align with VDSS Transitional Living Plans.


YouthQuest Service Locations
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