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independent living

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YouthQuest provides services where young adults, ages 17-21, can reside in a less restrictive arrangement while continuing to receive case management and support focused on independence and self-sufficiency.

Youth who need Independent Living programs have difficulties developing IL skills on their own, often stemming simply from a lack of experience. For these youth, freedom can be their worst enemy, but taking that freedom away means they cannot learn from their experiences. At YouthQuest, our program balances freedom with responsibility and skill development.


YouthQuest Target Areas:

  • Work and Study Life

  • Daily Living

  • Self Care

  • Career and Educational Planning

  • Housing

  • Money Management

  • Relationships and Communication

YQ Programs

YQ Apartment Living

Young adults receive 1:1 case management, on-site supervision, training and support. Sites are located near community colleges, public transportation and entry-level employment.

For Moms and Dads

Young moms and dads receive parenting skills training through the use of  the Nurturing Parenting Program, 1:1 case management, on-site supervision, training, support and links to community resources.

YQ Anywhere

Providing community based 1:1 case management services, training  and support while youth practice independent living skills in their biological homes, on their own, with family,  in foster homes, with a roommate or in a dormitory.

program components

Learning and Application

Hands on training and weekly life skills academy provides pro-social interaction and opportunities to practice new skills. Casey Life Skills Assessments are utilized to determine the strengths and needs of each young adult to drive service planning.


Positive Youth Development

Through guidance and support from staff and community partners, young adults develop a sense of belonging, mastery of skills, independence and generosity towards their community


Permanent Connections

Young adults develop lifelong connections to positive caring adults or family, increasing the likelihood of achieving stability and a successfully transition into adulthood.

YouthQuest's Advantages For Young Adults

  • Increase their Casey Life Skills Assessment Scores

  • Continue their education

  • Are gainfully employed

  • Make permanent connections


YouthQuest's service plans are aligned with VDSS Transitional Living Plans.

YQ service location in Virginia
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