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Looking After Mental Health During Covid-19

How are you taking care of your mental health while practicing social distancing? Need to reach out to someone but anxious about leaving your home? As we all are adjusting to the changes in lifestyle forced on us or by choice. It is ok to not be “ok” right now and there is hope. Caring, accessible and highly qualified clinicians at Intercept Health are here to help and support you during this difficult time. To ensure safe and convenient access to counseling services, Intercept Health is excited to announce our launch of tele-health services starting March 19th, 2020.

At Intercept Health we work hard to elevate others to live their healthiest life. We understand that the Covid-19 global pandemic is a threat to the health of those in our communities, and we are ready to come along side you as you learn new ways to care for yourself and your family.

So for the parents now unexpectedly homeschooling their children,

For those who are struggling to figure out how to work from home,

For those now facing financial stress,

For those that are living alone,

For those that are the most at risk,

For those essential staff that continue to work in the community,

For those whose trips have been cancelled,

For those students unable to attend a graduation you well deserve,

For those who were looking forward to the sports events that have been cancelled,

For those of you who have thought about seeking mental health care but have never reach out to anyone,

For those experiencing high levels of anxiety and depression,

Intercept Health is here for you! We are just a phone call away.

Just because we are unable to meet face to face does not mean we have to be isolated. Now is the time to take care of your own mental health. Connect with one of our counselor’s today.

Call 540-523-8099 to inquire about our tele-health counseling services in Virginia.

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