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Intercept Health's ABA Pushes Forward

Here at Intercept Health ABA, we are striving to provide high-quality services, support our ABA Techs to be the best techs anywhere, and help our clients live their healthiest lives!

Check out our key results:

  • Four of our ABA Technicians passed their Registered Behavior Technician (RBT) exam! This is a nationwide certification that requires 40 hours of ABA training, in-person competency assessment, and passing a standardized test. We believe that requiring our techs to become RBTs demonstrates devotion to high-quality services.

  • Also in January, Intercept Health Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) or Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst (BCaBA) supervised the RBTs on average 11% of their working hours. The requirement is 5%, so this rate is double the requirement. We believe that by providing more support to our RBTs and ensure our clients benefit by higher-fidelity service delivery.

  • In February, the ABA director provided training to 50 Intercept Health employees outside of the ABA department on “Providing ABA in a Trauma-Informed Care setting.” We believe that by combining ABA and trauma-informed care, we meet our clients’ needs and shape responses in a socially-significant way while ensuring the least restrictive service setting is maintained.

  • Lastly, this week ABA staff started an “ABA Study Group” to support our ABA trainees. These are our amazing ABA Techs who are in school to become a BCBA or BCaBA. We believe that we can provide support and training to grow internally our next generation of supervisors, who are also devoted to high-quality, trauma-informed ABA.

So what is next for ABA at Intercept Health?

  • We are currently collaborating with multiple private and public schools to provide ABA support to students and staff training.

  • Next up is a partnership with Intercept Health’s group homes, to ensure our clients and residents receive all the services they need to meet their discharge goals.

  • By Spring Break, we will have opened center-based services for ABA in our Roanoke office.

  • And we are expanding in to the SWVA (Washington, Smyth, Russel, and Tazewell counties) and Tappahannock county and the Northern Neck.

  • ABA Director Kristina Turner will share trainings on ABA and trauma informed care with foster parents and foster workers in Culpeper, Roanoke, and the surrounding areas. She is also scheduled speak at CA Human Services conference in March.

Have any questions? Want to make a referral? Please call 804-523-6202 or email

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